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    T • Ten Foot Pole

    Ten Foot Pole является американская панк-рок группа, ранее на Epitaph Records. Группа была основана в 1983 году как Scared Straight. Они переименовали себя в начале 1990-х во время тура в Европе, не желая быть ошибочно приняты за "прямой край" панк-группы.

    Ten Foot Pole is an American punk rock band, formerly on Epitaph Records. The band was founded in 1983 as Scared Straight. They renamed themselved in the early 1990s while on tour in Europe, not wanting to be mistaken for a "straight edge" punk band.
    Before changing their name to Ten Foot Pole in the early 1990s, the band included nardcore punk members Scott Radinsky and Dennis Jagard. The band released two albums under their new name with the old lineup: Swill and Rev.




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