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    ААквариум • Beautiful Blue Train (аккорды и текст - chords & lyrics)



    Видео «Beautiful Blue Train (Аквариум)»

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    D          G        A       G         D       G     A   G
    It was a beautiful night, when I was talking to My Lord;
    I said: "Oh my, Omniscient One, tell me, why I'm tired and
    He said - Shut up and listen, you know - words are all in vain;
    D      G         A              G    D
    Just check your soul for this blue train.
    Why don't we get outside, before it is too late,
    You don't want to be stuck where the doctors and the
                                                 lawyers lie in wait
    Take me out tonight - I'm tired of being alone;
    D    G          A              G       Hm    F#m  G  A
    And beautiful blue train will take us home.
    You know, sometimes I feel like parts of my body is
                                                       made of steel
    And then I think of all the little girls gone beneath its wheels
    Alright then, who's that dancing round this human pole?
    And our beautiful blue train will take them home.
    It was a beautiful night, and I was talking to My Lord,
    I said - Lord, what You've been telling me is not what
                                                         I was taugh
    He said - Do you think I really care where is that you roam?
    Cause my beautiful blue train will take you home.


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