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    ААквариум • Best Years Of Our Lives (аккорды и текст - chords & lyrics)



    Видео «Best Years Of Our Lives (Аквариум)»

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    G#             D#                     C#           G#      D#
    These are the best years of our lives - sweet and peaceful
         G#           D#                         C#
    The best years of our lives - enchanted and fey
    Like the seeds we're sown,
    C#        D#     Bm
    Like the seeds trampled -
    D#         G#       C#            Bm
    After the gardener did what he's paid to do,
     C#                Bm
    Now it is finally time...
    These are the best years of our lives - it's all that matters
    The best years of our lives - fragile and clean;
    Like a child, we're blessed;
    Like a child - spaced out;
    And may Lord have mercy on those, who invoke our displeas
    In these best years of our lives.
    D#                               C# G#
    And I'm coming from a different world;
    D#                               C#   G#
    And I really dont know how it's done here;
    Fm                               B
    And I would honestly ask you to help me, babe,
    To work with me, trust in me,
         D#                                 G#    D#
    And cover my ass - and then I'll look away...
    These are the best years of our lives -
    and our captain's locked up;
    And his choir of angels waits for this city to fall.
    Before this sky, and them bells ringing,
    I say - I know how you feel, God, I know how you feel.
    If we knew our way out, we'd never be stuck here at all -
    These are the best years of our lives...


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