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    BBarrett Syd • She Took A Long Cold Look (аккорды и текст - chords & lyrics)



    Видео «She Took A Long Cold Look (Barrett Syd)»

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    A D
    She took a long cold look at me
    D A
    and smiled and gazed all over my arm
    A D
    she loves to see me get down to ground
    D A
    she hasn't time just to be with me
    A D
    her face between all she means to be
    D A
    to be extreme, just to be extreme
    A D
    a broken pier on the wavy sea
    D A
    she wonders why for all she wants to see...
    But I got up and I stomped around
    E E7
    and hid the piece where the trees touch the ground...
    (Then, to imitate Syd trying to play while turning his lyric
    sheet, just
    strike the A and the low E about 467823823 times...)
    A D
    The end of truth that lay out the time
    D A
    spent lazing here on a painting green
    A D
    a mile or more in a foreign clime
    D A
    to see farther inside of me.
    A D
    And looking high up into the sky
    D A
    I breathe as the water streams over me...


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