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    BBlue • Guilty (аккорды и текст - chords & lyrics)



    Видео «Guilty (Blue)»

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    i pretty sure this is right so...enjoy!
     capo 2 (play A without your ring finger throughout the song{Asus2})
    intro: E A x2
    E                         A
      I never want to play the games that people play
    E                         A
      I never want to hear the things they gotta say
    E               A            D                    F#m
      iv found everything i need, i never wanted any more than i can see
    D                       F#m
      i only want you to believe (ooohhh)
           E                                A    
    If its wrong to tell the truth, what am i supposed to do
         E                          A
    When all i wanna do is speak my mind
           E                               A
    If its wrong to do whats right, im prepared to testify
        D                              F#m             E
    If loving you with all my hearts a crime, then im guilty.
    E                        A           
     I wanna give you all the things you never had,
    E                           A
     Dont try to tell me how he treats you isnt bad
    E                 A         D                      F#m      
     I need you back in my life, i never wanted just to be the other guy
    D                       F#m
     i never want to live a lie
    F#m                A                  E                   C#m          
     girl i follow my heart, follow the truth, right from the start
                 F#m                             A
    it led me to you, please dont leave me this way im guilty
          B7              B7
    thats all i have to say
            E               A
    Then im guilty (what am i supposed to do)
            E        A
    Then im guilty (speak my mind)
            E              A
    Then im guilty (im prepared to testify)
            D                           F#m                          E   A
    If its wrong to do whats right then tell me bout this feeling inside...
       D                              F#m
    If lovin you with all my hearts a crime
    im guilty


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