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    BBon Jovi • Janie please dont take your love to town (аккорды и текст - chords & lyrics)



    Видео «Janie please dont take your love to town (Bon Jovi)»

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            C         G            Am
    Sitting here just watching you sleep,
                 F               C
    Wish I could slip inside and be,
            F            C        G
    In some technicolour dream,
    C                 G                      Am
    But the air's too thick for one of us to breathe,
            F              C
    I'm not fool enough to think,
                 F                 C      G
    You couldn't live life without me,
    F                  G                C
    I didn't come this far to throw the towel in,
             F               G           C
    I didn't fight this hard to walk away,
       Am              E       F
    If I ain't smart enough to say I'm sorry,
         F                G                C
    It's just because the words got in the way,
    I remember how it used to be,
    I was you and you were me,
    We were more than just the same,
    Now these shoes don't fit, My skin's too tight,
    When you want a kiss, I take a bite,
    Let your heart call up the cops, read me my rights,
    Last night I drank enough to drown,
    Raise a toast to your good looks and to my health,
    Look, we both know how much I've let you down,
    Jaine don't take your love to town,
                    F         G       C
    Jaine don't you take your love to town,
                    F         G       C
    Jaine don't you take your love to town,
                   Am        E    F
    If I've got to beg, I'll beg, just don't walk away
    F               G         C
    Jaine don't you take your love to town,
    Peace, God Bless C'ya


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