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    BBowie David • Maid Of Bond Street (аккорды и текст - chords & lyrics)



    Видео «Maid Of Bond Street (Bowie David)»

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    E F#m G
    This girl is made of lipstick, Powder and paint,
    C Am F G
    Sees the pictures of herself, every magazine on every shelf.
    E F#m G
    This girl is Maid of Bond Street, hailing cabs,
    C Am F G
    Lunches with executives, gleaming teeth, sipaparatives (thats what the words
    sound like, I have no
    idea what they really are.)
    E D
    This girl is a lonely girl
    E D
    Takes the train from Banning Turn(?) to Oxford Turn(?)
    E D
    She reads the daily news but passengers
    C Am F G
    Don't smile at her, oh no, don't smile at her.
    E F#m G
    This girl is made of loneliness, a broken heart
    C Am F G
    For the boy that she once knew doesn't want to know her anymore.
    E D
    And this girl is a lonely girl,
    E D
    Everything she wants is hers but she can't make it
    E D
    With the boy she really wants to be with
    C Am F G
    All the time, to love all the time.
    E F#m G
    This boy is made of envy, jealosy
    C Am F G
    He doesn't have a limosine, really wants to be a star himself.
    E G A D G
    And this girl, her world is made of flashlights and film
    G A D G
    Her cares are scratched on the cutting room floor
    G C F G
    And Maid of Bond Street, ride 'round in chauffeured cars
    G C F G
    Maid of Bond Street, picture clothes, eyes of stars
    G C F G
    Maid of Bond Street, children have love affairs
    G C (tacet)
    Maid of Bond Street, children have worldly cares.


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