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    BBowie David • Shadowman (аккорды и текст - chords & lyrics)



    Видео «Shadowman (Bowie David)»

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    E A C#m
    There's a man back a-ways
    A E
    Who believes at where he is
    And there's a girl
    G#m B
    Up ahead who says she knows
    A G#m
    And the street overflows
    C#m B
    With the folk who understand
    E G#m B
    But for the guy who can't be seen
    A G#m F#m
    He's the Shadow Man
    B A E
    And the Shadow Man is close at hand
    E A C#m
    Take a turn and see his smile
    A E
    Made of nothing but loneliness
    E G#m
    take a Boy and be a friend
    To the Shadow Man
    A G#m
    You can call him Joe, you can call him Sam
    C#m B
    You should call and see who answers
    E G#m B A G#m F#m
    For he promises to come running, guided by the truth
    A E
    But the Shadow Man is really you
    B E
    Look into his eyes and see your reflection
    A F#m
    Look to the stars and see his eyes
    B A
    He'll show you tomorrow, he'll show you the sorrows
    G#m B
    Of what you did today
    A E
    You can call him foe, you can call him friend
    C#m G#m
    You should call and see who answers
    E G#m B
    For he knows your eyes are drawn
    F#m B
    To the road ahead
    A E
    And the Shadow Man is waiting round the bend
    (Fade out on A &E)
    Oh, shadow man
    Shadow man, shadow man
    It's really you, it's really you, it's really you
    He's the shadow man


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