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    BBowie David • Shes Got Medals (аккорды и текст - chords & lyrics)



    Видео «Shes Got Medals (Bowie David)»

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    F C G D A
    F C G D A
    She'd walk through the door and she'd set up the drinks on the house
    F C G D A
    She played a good game of darts, and the men slapped her back, never took
    her out.
    Bm F# Bm E A E
    She wore a trenchcoat garkey(?), her hobnail boots were full of holes.
    E A E7
    She's got medals.
    Her mother called her Mary but she changed her name to Tommy, she's a one.
    She went and joined the army, passed the medical, don't ask me how it's done.
    They sent her to the front line, fighting for her country's name
    She's got medals.
    B G
    She got very tired of picking up girls,
    C F
    Cleaning her gun, and shaving her curls
    A# D# C F C G D A
    Then the enemy dropped a bomb, survivors there were none!
    F C G D A
    People say that when the moon is full and when the stars have gone to bed
    F C G D A
    You can see a ghost but that's a lie because the naughty woman isn't dead.
    Bm F# Bm E A
    She deserted on the previous morning, replaced her uniform with dresses silk
    and green
    E A E E A E E A E E A
    Called herself Eileen, came to London town, now she's settled down. She's
    got medals.
    F C G D A F C G D A


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