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    BBranch Michelle • All You Wanted (аккорды и текст - chords & lyrics)



    Видео «All You Wanted (Branch Michelle)»

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    Tabbed by Luke Bird
    almost every tab for this song is correct apart from a little glitch in  the verses it 
    everyone used a C when there isnt one this is how the verses go u can work out the rest 
    of the tab from everyone else.
    capo first fret
     Em    (022033)
     D     (000232)
     Cadd9 (032033)   
     Csus2 (030033)
     G     (320033) 
    Em   D     Cadd9  G       Em  D     Csus2  Csus4  G
       i wanted to be like you i wanted ev     ery    thing
    Em    D      Cadd9  G       Em   D     Cadd9  G    D   
       so i tried to be like you and i got swept awaaaaay
    Em          D       Cadd9      G       Em          D
       i didnt know that it was so cold and you needed someone 
          Csus2  Cadd9   Csus2 G
       to show   you     the   way
    and the second verse is played the same u can get the rest of the song from the other ppl 
    ho have done this tab but this is 100% spot on i saw her play it on TRL.
    questions, comments:


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