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    CCarcass • Burnt To A Crisp (аккорды и текст - chords & lyrics)



    Видео «Burnt To A Crisp (Carcass)»

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                                  Burnt to a Crisp
    Burnt to a Crisp
    (Tune down 2.5 steps to B)
    Thanks to my brother for some of this...
    |----------------------|  This is the main riff under the latter portion of
    |----------------------|  the 1st verse.
      q   q   e  s s e  e
    Later on in the song:               (vocals here)
      e sse sse e e e   e sse sse e q    e sse ss q  e e   e ssssss q  e e
       q   q   q   e e   q   q   q   ssss    w          e  s s e  e  e
    Torched to a pimple
    Peeling skin and tissue
    Inflammable rectal gases
    Scalding your sinews
    Charbroiled to blackened char
    Smoked, sauted and black
    Blistering flaking tissue
    Insalvageable by skin graft
    Fused into a mess
    Dribbling cartilage and fumes
    Your body shrivellingYour fingers beginning to prune
    Burnt to a cinder
    Your body charred
    Incinerated carbon
    Molten as tar
    Smouldering ashes
    Scorched entrails
    Carbonated dust
    Cremated remains
    Burnt to a crisp
    Your fat's on fire
    Devouring you whole
    Like a cadaver-stoked pyre
    Charred to the bone
    Your flesh is burnt
    Tissues molten
    Bodily gases inert
    Human inferno
    Blazing eruption
    Evaporating marrow
    Spontaneous combustion
    Burnt to a crisp
    Your hair is singed
    Devouring your scalp
    Receding your fringe
    Dripping flesh and fat
    Spreads like an irritating rash
    Your fingers melting
    As you vainly scratch


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