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    CClapton Eric • Holy Mother (аккорды и текст - chords & lyrics)



    Видео «Holy Mother (Clapton Eric)»

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    Intro (This is basically the picking pattern for the whole song.)
    G C G Em D/F# G
    G C G
    Holy Mother, where are you
    Em D G
    Tonight I feel broken in two
    G C G
    I've seen the stars fall from the sky
    Em D G
    Holy Mother, can't keep from crying
    C G
    Oh I need your help this time
    Em D G
    To get me through this lonely night
    C G
    Tell me please which way to turn
    D G
    By myself again
    Holy Mother hear my prayer
    Somehow I know you're still there {chords as verse I}
    Send me please some peace of mind
    Take away this pain
    Bm G {I'm not really sure about}
    I can't wait, I can't wait {this part... but it sounds}
    C D {pretty close.}
    I can't wait any longer
    Bm G
    I can't wait, I can't wait
    C D
    I can't wait for you.
    Holy Mother, hear my cry
    I've cursed your name a thousand times {chords as verse I}
    I've felt the anger running through my soul
    All I need is a hand to hold
    Oh I feel the end is coming
    No longer my legs will run {chords as verse II}
    You know how to wrap me
    In your arms tonight
    When my hands can no longer play
    My voice is still a fade away {chords as verse I}
    Holy Mother, then I'll be
    lying in, safe within your arms.


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