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    CClapton Eric • Why Does Love (аккорды и текст - chords & lyrics)



    Видео «Why Does Love (Clapton Eric)»

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    Dm C
    Got to find me a way
    Dm C
    Take me back to yesterday
    Bb F A
    How could I ever hope to forget you?
    Dm C
    Won't you show me a place
    Dm C
    Where I can hide my lonely face?
    Bb F A
    I know you're going to break my heart if I let you
    D G
    Why does love got to be so sad?
    D G
    Why does love got to be so sad?
    D G
    Why does love got to be so sad?
    D G
    Why does love got to be so sad?
    Like a moth to a flame
    Like a song without a name
    I've never been the same since I met you
    Like a bird on the wing
    I've got a brand new song to sing
    I can't keep from singing about you ...CHORUS
    I'm beginning to see
    What a fool you've made of me
    I might have to break the law when I find you
    Stop running away
    I've got a better game to play
    You know I can't go on living without you ...CHORUS


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