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    CCohen Leonard • Lady Midnight (аккорды и текст - chords & lyrics)



    Видео «Lady Midnight (Cohen Leonard)»

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    Intro: C
       G         G7        F             C
    I came by myself to a very crowded place
    G                  G7              F            C
    I was looking for someone who had lines in her face
       C             C7            F
    I found her there but she was past all concern
      C             F      Dm
    I asked her to hold me, I said, "Lady unfold me."
              C                 F
    But she scorned me and she told me
           G  G7                    C
    I was dead and I could never return
    Well, I argued all night like so many have before
    Saying, "Whatever you give me, I seem to need so much more."
    Then she pointed at me where I kneeled on her floor
    She said, "Don't try to use me or slyly refuse me
    Just win me or lose me
    It is this that the darkness is for."
    I cried, "Oh, Lady Midnight, I fear that you grow old
    The stars eat your body and the wind makes you cold."
    "If we cry now," she said, "It will just be ignored."
    So I walked through the morning, sweet early morning
    I could hear my lady calling
    "You've won me, you've won me, my lord
    You've won me, you've won me my lord
    Yes, you've won me, you've won me, my lord
    Ah, you've won me, you've won me, my lord
    Ah, you've won me, you've won me, my lord."


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