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    DDandy Warhols • Bohemian Like You (аккорды и текст - chords & lyrics)



    Видео «Bohemian Like You (Dandy Warhols)»

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    Проигрыш: A C G D 
    		A		  C
    You gotta great car. Yeah, whats wrong with it today? 
      G				D
    I use to have one too, maybe youґll come and have a look. 
               A            C              G
    I really love your hair doo,yeah. Im glade you like mine too, 
    see weґre looking pretty cool. Look at you.
    So what do you do? Oh yeah. I wait tables too. 
    No I havenґt heard your band cause you guys are pretty new. 
    But if you dig Im big in food. Well come over to my work 
    Iґll have them cook you something that youґll really love.
    Cause I like you, yeah I like you. 
    And Im feeling so bohemian like you, yeah I like you , 
    yeah I like you and I feel wahoo whaoo wahooo!
    Wait.Whoґs that guy just hanging at your pad? Heґs lookin kinda buff. 
    Yeah you broke up thats your bad. I guess itґs bad 
    if he always pays the rent and he doesnґt get bent 
    about sleepin on the couch when Im there.
    Cause I like you, yeah I like you 
    and Im feeling so bohemian like you. Yeah I  like you. 
    Yeah I like you and Im feel wahoo wahoo wahooo!
    Im getting noise and I feel so bohemian like you. 
    Itґs you that I want so please, just a casuel casuel easy thing. 
    Itґs that it is for me and I like you yeah I like you and I like you , 
    I like you, I like you, yeah I like you.And I feel wahoo wahoo wahooo!


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