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    EElton John • Birds (аккорды и текст - chords & lyrics)



    Видео «Birds (Elton John)»

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    G A Bb B Bb A G Fmaj7+9 C
    G A Bb B Bb A G Fmaj7+9 C
    There's some things I don't have now
    Bb Bbsus2 Bb
    Some things I don't talk about
    C G
    These things are between myself and I
    F C Csus4 G
    In my thick skull the joker hides
    There's consequences I'm scared to taste
    Cold hard truths I can't face
    These days are different than the past
    Reflections change in the looking glass
    F C F/C C G
    And everywhere I look there's something to learn
    F C Csus4 G
    A sliver of truth from every bridge we burn
    F C F C G
    A hatful of quarters and a naked song
    F C D G/D D
    Don't answer the question of where we belong
    How come birds
    C G
    Don't fall from the sky when they die?
    How come birds
    Always look for a quiet place to hide
    These words
    C G
    Can't explain what I feel inside?
    Eb F G A Bb B Bb A G Fmaj7+9 C
    Like birds I need a quiet place to hide
    G A Bb B Bb A G Fmaj7+9 C
    These independent moves I make
    This confidence I try to fake
    You can hear the beating of my heart
    But not a feather falling in the dark
    And everything I hear never makes any sense
    Another old prophet perched on the fence
    A cupful of pencils and a self help guru
    Don't answer the question of what I am to you
    F C F/C C G
    F C Csus4 G
    F C F C G
    F C D G/D D


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