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    EElton John • Border Song (аккорды и текст - chords & lyrics)



    Видео «Border Song (Elton John)»

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    RIFF: C F C
    Am E7/G# Am E7/G# Am
    Holy moses i have been removed
    C G/B C Esus E
    I have seen the spectre he has been here too
    C G/B
    Distant cousin from down the line
    F Dm
    brand of people who ain't my kind
    F F#dim C/G
    ho ly moses
    F6/G C F C
    I have been removed
    holy moses I have been deceived
    Now the wind has changed direction and I have to leave
    Won't you please excuse my frankness but it's not my cup of tea
    holy moses, i have been deceived
    C C/E F
    I'm going back to the border where my affairs
    C/G F/G C
    Where my affairs aint abused
    I can't take any more bad water
    D/F# F/G
    been poisoned from my head down to my shoes
    C F C
    Holy moses let us live in peace
    let us strive to find a way to make our hatred cease
    there's a man over there
    what's his color? I don't care
    F F#dim C/G F/G C
    He's my brother, let us live in peace.
    F F#dim C/G F/G C
    He's my brother, let us live in peace.
    F F#dim C/G G7
    He's my brother, let us,
    Dm7 C FC FC
    Let us live in peace.


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