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    MMadonna • Papa Dont Preach (аккорды и текст - chords & lyrics)



    Видео «Papa Dont Preach (Madonna)»

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    papa don?t preach
    Em				     D/E
    Papa I know you?re going to be upset cause I was always your little girl
    Cmaj7/E			   D/E
    But you should know by now I?m not a baby
    Em				      D/E
    You always taught me right from wrong I need your help daddy, please be strong
    Cmaj7/E			   D/E
    I maybe young at heart but I know what I?m saying
    C	    D			C           D
    The one you warned me all about the one you said I could do without
    C           D                Em               C   D
    We?re in an awful mess and I don?t mean maybe     please
    Em   D     Cmaj7  Dsus4  D   Hm7
    Papa don?t preach I?m    in  trouble deep
    Em   D     Cmaj7  Dsus4  D    Hm7
    Papa don?t preach I?ve   been losing sleep
    Am9              Am7   Em         D  C
    But I made up my mind  keeping my ba-by
                 Em      D  C
    Oh I?m gonna keep my ba-by
    He says that he?s going to marry me we can raise a little family
    The baby will be allright if we sacrifice
    But my friends keep telling me to give it up saying I?m to young I ought to live it up
    What I need right now is some good advice please
    Em	D/E     Cmaj7/E	   D/E
    (1st two lines instrumental)
    C               D                  C        D
    Daddy, daddy if you could only see just how good he?s been treating me
    C                  D                       cmaj7          H7sus4         H7
    You?d give us your blessing I know  ?cause we are in love we are in love so please
    (repeat to fade)
    Em   D     Cmaj7
    Papa don?t preach I?m   in  trouble deep
    Em   D     Cmaj7
    Papa don?t preach I?ve  been losing sleep
    D/E:     xx2232
    Cmaj7/E: 032000
    Dsus4:   xx0233
    Am9:     x02000
    H7sus4:  x22200


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