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    MMcgraw Tim • Red Ragtop (аккорды и текст - chords & lyrics)



    Видео «Red Ragtop (Mcgraw Tim)»

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    Just listen to the song and youll figure out how to pick it right. its not hard.
    Intro G-C2	Theres alot of D2 progressions, u just have to listen for them.
    I was twenty and she was eighteen
    C2                                                   G               -pick G - C2
    We were just about as wild as we were green in the ways of the world
    She picked me up in that red ragtop
    we were free of the folks and hiding from the cops
    G                     C2
    on a summer night, runnin all the red lights
    we parked way out in a clearing in a grove
    and hte night was as hot as a coal burnin stove
              G                             C2 (and so on)
    we were cookin with gas, oh it had to last
    in the back of that red ragtop
    she said please dont stop
    well the very first time her mother met me
    her green eyed girl had been a mother to be for two weeks
    i was out of a job and she was in school
    life was fast and the world was cruel
    we were young and wild, we decided not to have a child
    so we did what we did and we tried to forget
    and we swore up and down there would be no regrets in the morning light
    but on the way home that night
    on the back of that red ragtop
    she said please dont stop loving me
    we took one more trip around the sun
    and it was all make believe in the end
    no i cant say where she is today
    i cant remember who i was back then
    well you do what you do and you pay for your sins
    and theres no such thing as what might have been
    thats a waste of time, drive you out of your mind
    i was stopped at a red light just yesterday
    beside a young girl in a cabriolet and her eyes were green
    i was in an old scene
    i was back in that red ragtop
    on the day she stopped lovin me
    i was back in that red ragtop
    on the day she stopped lovin me
    For Darla. youre a hottie baby.


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