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    MMegadeth • Diadems (аккорды и текст - chords & lyrics)



    Видео «Diadems (Megadeth)»

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    Sacriledge and blasphemy
    Sets the stage today
    The more insatiable the sex
    The more swelled our tongues became
    As pre-historic as it seems
    This is now, today
    As pre-historic as it seems
    This is now
    Talkin` `bout no vision
    Talkin` `bout no dream
    The Harlot puddles for her lies
    From where she speaks
    I look above and see
    Entrails in the sky
    This song ain`t over `til the
    Fat lady dies
    One man rules the earth
    And rides the seven-headed beast
    Ten diadems, to rule them all, to crown them all
    The world, religion at his feet
    Dreams are told of dreams of old
    This day will surely come
    So, run my child and hide your face
    Once you`ve been marked it`s finished, done
    You`ll become one
    You`re mine
    You`re one
    I saw a new earth today
    I saw a former pass away
    I saw a new earth today
    I saw a former pass away
    Vengence is mine
    Vengence is mine
    The Netherworld and Sheol
    Are never satisfied
    So the eyes of Man are
    Never sat-is-fied
    I saw a new Earth today
    I saw a former pass away


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