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    MMisc Unsigned Bands • Weston Tyler - The Wrath Of (аккорды и текст - chords & lyrics)



    Видео «Weston Tyler - The Wrath Of (Misc Unsigned Bands)»

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    Ok i wrote this song im a struggling type artist in Indiana and ive gotten nothing but
    good reviews from the locals so here it goes. This is my first tab but its also my song
    so if you dont like it than suck it
    G  E  D  C
    3  3  3  3
    3  3  3  3
    0  0  2  0
    0  2  0  2
    2  2  x  3
    3  0  x  0
     G E D C
     G E D C
    G                 E
    How can to people fight for half an hour
    D                         C
    Over what to watch on the tv
    G                 E
    By the time it is resolved both shows are over
    D                  C
    They cant agree on anything
    G E D
    G E D C
    G                      E
    Were riding in the car headed for the pool
    D                             C
    Four people fighting over the radio
    G                      E
    A fifteen minute drive spent fighting for their stations
    D                  C
    They cant agree on anything
    G E D
    G E D C
    G                        E
    I wish that we could see just what technology
    C                    D
    Has in store for our familys
    G                         E
    I wish that we could know just how our love could grow
    C                              D                            G     
    If we could all  just stop the fighting if not for just one day
    E D G
    Well thats about it so if you think you may like it email me at and i will send you the strum pattern


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