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    AABBA • Nina Pretty Balerina (аккорды и текст - chords & lyrics)



    Видео «Nina Pretty Balerina (ABBA)»

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    Intro chords: C  C#o xx2323
    VERSE 1 :
     G7  C
    Every day in the morning on her way to the office
               F                          C
    You can see her as she catches a train
          F                    C
    Just a face among a million faces
    Just another woman with no name
    Not the girl you'd remember but she's still something special
          F                              C
    If you knew her I am sure you'd agree
            F                       C
    'Cause I know she's got a little secret
                     C#o              G7
    Friday evening she turns out to be
    CHORUS :
     C   C6
    Nina, pretty ballerina
                  G7           G9
    Now she is the queen of the dancing floor
    This is the moment she's waited for
                   C    C6
    Just like Cinderella
     just like Cinderella
     C   C6
    Nina, pretty ballerina
                 G7              G9
    Who would ever think she could be this way
    This is the part that she likes to play
    But she knows the fun would go away
                C     C#o         G7  G9  G7
    If she would play it every day
    VERSE 2 :
    So she's back every morning to her work at the office
    And another week to live in a dream
    And another row of early mornings
    In an almost never-ending stream
    Doesn't talk very often, kind of shy and uncertain
    Everybody seems to think she's a bore
    But they wouldn't know her little secret
    What her Friday night would have in store


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