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    NNirvana • In His Hands (аккорды и текст - chords & lyrics)



    Видео «In His Hands (Nirvana)»

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    Куплет:  C5  G#5  G5  F5  C5  D#5  A#5  C#5
    Припев:   F#5  D5   A5   C5
    Риф  довольно легко подобрать слушая песню
    In His Room (In His Hands)
    He is gonna chase you in and out of a dream
    You're not gonna thank him and I'm tired of this dream
    Take him on occassion in the back of the room
    If they don't show any affection he'll died in June
    See the stab wounds in his hands
    See him dying in his room
    He's dying in his room
    He's dying in his room
    Heading for me, heading this way
    He is coming, I don't care
    I don't want to thank you, well I don't mind
    Gave his only pleasures to a friend of mine
    He's not gonna catch you in a lighted room
    You don't thank him I know I should
    See the stab wounds in his hands
    You killed him, I don't care
    Keep a promise, you would too
    Keep a promise, you would too
    See the silence in his head
    He is coming, I don't care
    We're not gonna make it, well I don't mind
    They don't want to thank him, they don't have any time
    In a conversation whom they don't know
    They don't have any patience, they're becoming slow
    See a famine in his head
    See him coming at their heels
    He loves you, give him a chance
    I don't love him, I don't care
    See him starving, give her hell
    It is over, we don't care In His Room


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