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    SStewart Rod • I Was Only Joking (аккорды и текст - chords & lyrics)



    Видео «I Was Only Joking (Stewart Rod)»

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    A Amaj7
    Ever since I was a kid at school
    A7 D
    I messed around with all the rules
    Dm A E A
    Apologized then realized I'm not different after all
    Amaj7 A7 D
    Me & the boys thought we had it sussed Valentinos all of us
    Dm A E A
    My dad said we looked rediculous but boy we broke some hearts
    Amaj7 A7 D
    In and out of jobs runnin free wagin war with society
    Dm A E A
    Some blank faces stare back at me & nothin ever changed
    Amaj7 A7 D
    Promises made in the heat of the night creepin home before it got too light
    Dm A E A
    I wasted all that precious time and blamed it on the wine
    A D E A
    Cho...I was only jo-king my dear (my dear)
    D E A
    Looking for a way to hide my fear (my fear)
    D E A
    What kind of fo-ol was I (was I)
    I could never win (never win) ......Riff
    A Amaj7 A7 D
    Never found a comprimise collected lovers like butterflies
    Dm A E A
    Illusions of that grand first prize are slowly wasted
    Amaj7 A7 D
    Suzie baby you were good to me givin' love unselfishly
    Dm A
    But you took it all too seriously
    E A
    I guess it had to end
    Amaj7 A7 D
    Now you ask me if I'm sincere that's the question that I always fear
    Dm A E A
    The first seven is never clear but I'll tell you what you wanna hear
    Amaj7 A7 D
    I'll try to give you all you want but givin' love is not my strongest point
    Dm A E A
    If that's the case it's pointless goin' on I'd rather be alone
    Amaj7 A7 D
    'Cause what I'm doin must be wrong pourin' my heart out in a song
    Dm A E A
    Owning up for prosperity for the whole damn world to see
    Amaj7 A7 D
    Quietly now while I turn a page Act 20's over without costume change
    Dm A
    The principal would like to leave the stage
    E A
    The crowd don't understand


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