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    TTom Petty • Up In Mississippi (аккорды и текст - chords & lyrics)



    Видео «Up In Mississippi (Tom Petty)»

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    D6 base-fret 1 fret[xx0202]
    I'm not born in America, so excuse me if the text is wrong.
    When you hear the song, you will know how to play it.
    [D Dsus2 D6 D Dsus2] = [D]
    [D]Sally's up in Mississippi tonight.
    With a [G]man she [G/#F]hardly [Em]knows.
    Sally's wearing brand new clothes.
    (uppor[G]tunity [G/#F]don't come [Em]twice.)?
    so Sally said bye-bye.
    I [A]hope she is all right, up in Mississippi tonight.
    [D Dsus2 D6 D Dsus2]
    Sally lived before the sun could rise.
    (When a cityman came to town.)?
    She turn his head around.
    it was love whit just one look,
    when she saw the size of his pocket-book.
    Sally's doing fine, she's up in Mississippi tonight.
    [D Dsus2 D6 D Dsus2]
    But there's a [Bm]mountain boy how's
    [Em]gonna remember [A]you.
    [Bm]Sally's one [Em]girl he hate's to [A]loose.
    But she [C]did what she had to do.
    You [G]know I'm happy for you,
    but [Em]sometimes please think of me ( [A] )?
    Sally's up in Mississippi tonight.
    Staying in a big hotel.
    Rich man pays the bill.
    Driving a brand new car.
    Drinking in fancy bar's.
    Sally's having a time, she's up in Mississippi tonight.
    Sally's up in Mississippi tonight.


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