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    Capo 4th Fret
    They're selling[C] postcards[F] of the[C] hanging
    They're[F] painting the passports[C] brown
    The [G]beauty parlor is filled with sailors
    [F]The circus is in[C] town
    [C]Here comes the blind commissioner
    They've[F] got him in a[C] trance
    One[G] hand is tied to the tight-rope walker
    [F]The other is in his[C] pants
    And the[F] riot squad they're restless
    They[C] need somewhere to[F] go
    As[C] Lady and I look[G] out tonight
    From[F] Desolation[C] Row
    Cinde[C]rella,[F] she seems so[C] easy
    "It[F] takes one to know one," she[C] smiles
    And[G] puts her hands in her back pockets
    [F]Bette Davis style[C]
    And[C] in comes Romeo, he's moaning
    "You Be[F]long to Me I Be[C]lieve"
    And [G]someone says," You're in the wrong place, my friend
    [F]You better[C] leave"
    And the[F] only sound that's left
    [C]After the ambulances[F] go
    Is [C]Cinderella[G] sweeping up
    On[F] Desolation[C] Row
    Now the[C] moon is[F] almost[C] hidden
    The[F] stars are beginning to[C] hide
    The[G] fortunetelling lady
    Has even[F] taken all her things in[C]side
    All ex[C]cept for Cain and Abel
    And the[F] hunchback of Notre[C] Dame
    [G]Everybody is making love
    Or[F] else expecting[C]rain
    And the[F] Good Samaritan, he's dressing
    He's getting[C] ready for the [F]show
    He's[C] going to the[G] carnival tonight
    On[F] Desolation[C] Row
    Now O[C]phelia,[F] she's 'neath the[C] window
    For[F]her I feel so af[C]raid
    On her[G] twenty-second birthday
    She al[C]ready is an old[F]maid
    To[C] her, death is quite romantic
    She[F] wears an iron[C] vest
    Her pro[G]fession's her religion
    Her[F] sin is her lifeless[C]ness
    And [F]though her eyes are fixed upon
    [C]Noah's great rain[F]bow
    She[C] spends her time[G] peeking
    Into[F] Desolation[C] Row
    [C]Einstein,[F] disguised as[C] Robin Hood
    With his[F] memories in a[C] trunk
    [G]Passed this way an hour ago
    With his[F] friend, a jealous[C] monk
    He[C] looked so immaculately frightful
    As he[F] bummed a cigar[C]ette
    Then he[G] went off sniffing drainpipes
    And re[F]citing the alpha[C]bet
    Now[F] you would not think to look at him
    But he was[C] famous long a[F]go
    For[C] playing the electric[G] violin
    On[F] Desolation[C] Row
    Dr.[C] Filth,[F] he keeps his[C] world
    In[F]side of a leather[C] cup
    But[G] all his sexless patients
    They're[F] trying to blow it[C] up
    Now his[C] nurse, some local loser
    She's in[F] charge of the cyanide[C] hole
    And sh[G] also keeps the cards that read
    "Have[F] Mercy on His[C] Soul"
    [F]They all play on penny whistles
    [C]You can hear them[F] blow
    If you[C] lean your head out[G] far enough
    From[F] Desolation[C] Row
    Across the[C] street they've[F] nailed the[C] curtains
    They're getting[F] ready for the[C] feast
    The [G]Phantom of the Opera
    A [F]perfect image of a[C]priest
    They're[C] spoonfeeding Casanova
    To[F] get him to feel more as[C]sured
    Then they'll[G] kill him with self-confidence
    After [F]poisoning him with[C] words
    And the[F] Phantom's shouting to skinny girls
    "Get[C] Outa Here If You Don't[F] Know
    Casa[C]nova is just being[G] punished for going
    To[F] Desolation[C] Row"
    Now at[C] midnight[F] all the[C] agents
    And the [F]superhuman[C] crew
    Come[G] out and round up everyone
    That[F] knows more than they[F] do
    Then they[C] bring them to the factory
    Where the[F] heart-attack mac[C]hine
    Is[G] strapped across their shoulders
    And[F] then the kero[C]sene
    Is[F] brought down from the castles
    By in[C]surance men who[F] go
    Check to[C] see that nobody is es[G]caping
    To[F] Desolation[C] Row
    [C]Praise be to[F] Nero's[C] Neptune
    The Ti[F]tanic sails at[C] dawn
    And[G] everybody's shouting out
    "[F]Which Side Are You[C] On?"
    And[C] Ezra Pound and T. S. Eliot
    [F]Fighting in the captain'[C] tower
    While cal[G]ypso singers laugh at them
    And[F]fishermen hold[C] flowers
    Be[F]tween the windows of the sea
    Where[C] lovely mermaids[F] flow
    And[C] nobody has to[G] think too much
    About [F]Desolation[C] Row
    Yes, I re[C]ceived your[F] letter [C]yesterday
    About the[F] time the door knob[C] broke
    When you[G] asked how I was doing
    Was [F]that some kind of[C]joke?
    All these[C] people that you mention
    Yes, I[F] know them, they're quite[C] lame
    I had to[G] rearrange their faces
    And give them[F] all another[C]name
    [F]Right now I can't read too good
    Don't[C] send me no more letters[F] no
    [C]Not unless you[G] mail them
    From [F]Desolation[C]Row


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