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    G . C . D . .
    G . C . D . . G C/g G . G . . .
    G C /b
    Rambling out of the wild west
    Leaving the towns I love the best
    G C
    Thought I'd seen some ups and downs
    D /f# G (. /e/d . )
    'Till I come into New York town
    C /b
    People going down to the ground
    D /f# G
    Buildings going up to the sky.
    G . C /b D . . /f#G ./e/d G
    Wintertime in New York town
    The wind blowing snow around
    Walk around with nowhere to go
    Somebody could freeze right to the bone
    I froze right to the bone
    New York Times said it was the coldest winter in seventeen years
    I didn't feel so cold then.
    I swung on to my old guitar
    Grabbed hold of a subway car
    And after a rocking, reeling, rolling ride
    I landed up on the downtown side:
    Greenwich Village.
    I walked down there and ended up
    In one of them coffee-houses on the block
    Got on the stage to sing and play
    Man there said: "Come back some other day
    You sound like a hillbilly
    We want folksingers here.
    Well, I got a harmonica job begun to play
    Blowing my lungs out for a dollar a day
    I blowed inside out and upside down
    The man there said he loved my sound
    He was raving about he loved my sound
    Dollar a day's worth.
    After weeks and weeks of hanging around
    I finally got a job in New York town
    In a bigger place, bigger money too
    Even joined the Union and paid my dues.
    Now, a very great man once said
    That some people rob you with a fountain pen
    It don't take too long to find out
    Just what he was talking about
    A lot of people don't have much food on their table
    But they got a lot of forks and knives
    And they gotta cut something.
    So one morning when the sun was warm
    I rambled out of New York town
    Pulled my cap down over my eyes
    And heated out for the western skies
    So long New York
    Howdy, East Orange


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