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    Intro-- c, and f a few times
    [C] early one morning
    with [F] time to kill
    I [Am]borrowed Jeb’s rifle
    And [F]sat on the hil
    I [c] saw a lone rider
    [F] crossing the plain
    I [Am] drew a bead on him
    To [F] practice my aim
    [Dm] my brothers rifle
    went [G] in my hand
    a shot rang out
    [C] across the land
    the [F] horse he kept running
    the [Am] rider was dead
    I [C]hung my head, I [F] hung my head
    [C] , [F] a few times
    [C] I set off running
    to [F]wake from the dream
    [Am] my brothers rifle
    went [F] into the stream
    [C] I kept on running
    [F]into the salt lands
    and [Am] that’s where there found me
    my [F] head in my hands
    the [Dm] sheriff he asked me
    [G] why had I run
    then it came to me
    just [C] what I had done
    and [F] for all no reason
    just [Am] one piece of lead
    I [C]hung my head, I [F] hung my head
    [C], [F] a few times
    [C]Here in the courthouse
    the [F] whole town is there
    [Am] I see the judge
    high [F] up in his chair
    ex[C]plain to the courtroom
    what [F] went through your mind
    and [Am] we’ll ask the jury
    what [F] verdict they find
    I said [Dm] I felt the power
    of [G] death over life
    I orphaned his children
    I [C] widowed his wife
    I [F] beg their forgivness
    I [Am] wish I was dead
    I [C]hung my head, I [F] hung my head
    [C] and [F] a few times
    [C] Early one morning
    with [F] time to kill
    [Am] I see the gallows
    [F] up on the hill
    and [C] out in the distance
    a [F] trick of the brain
    I [Am] see a lone rider
    [F] Crossing the plain
    [Dm] hes come to fetch me
    to [G] see what they done
    we’ll ride together
    [C] til kingdom come
    I [F] prey for Gods mercy
    For [F] soon ill be dead
    I [C]hung my head, I [F] hung my head
    I [C]hung my head, I [F] hung my head
    [C] and [F] a few times and end on [C]


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