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Henry - Henry Ate
Courtesy Joris van Gaal

The intro is something like this
	| Dsus4  D  Dsus2 | Cadd9 Csus4 Cadd9 | D  | C  G |
	| Dsus4  D  Dsus2 | Cadd9 Csus4 Cadd9 | A  |  	|

Don?t worry about them intro chords. Once you get to play the song right, the intro eventually will come up!

D	C		G		   A
Henry sits in the corner on bad days till quite late
D	C		         G		  A		       D
So anything you can?t find you left there ask Henry what he ate today
	C		G		A
Never before have I seen a smile upon his face like henry?s
D	C		G		      A
Such a special boy you can fall in love but he?ll walk away

Bm		     A
Back to the place he hides
G		A		D
Up in the big blue up in the big blue skies

	G		       Em
Henry ate his way through the moon didn?t stop there
A		  D
Henry he ate right through
	G		        Em
Henry ate his way through the moon come back soon
A		  D
Henry I?m missing you

Henry spend most sundays conversing with our walls
He says their views are stable never question his
So his empire can never fall
Suddenly his up on the table dancing around yelling out his philosophy
The view of the sun from the moon can?t be beaten


[Interlude - mute strings]
D		C	     G		A
The view of the sun from the moon can be beaten  (4x)




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