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Song: The Box
Artist: Holly McNarland
Album: Stuff (1997)
Written By: Holly
From: Matt Finateri (


Almost all Holly McNarland songs are very easy to play.  She mostly
uses basic open chords..he favourite seems to be Em!
It?s amazing how she can take such a simple song and create into a
awesome peice of work!  I think her raging voice has a lot to do with
it....holy hell can she sing!

If anyone knows or has any idea as to what this song is about, PLEASE
email me, cause I?m dying to know. I could swear she was on something
when she wrote this tune.

Intro: Em, Cmaj7 (x32000)

Em     Cmaj7
  I had a box
Em        Cmaj7
  A box that could talk
Em           Cmaj7             Em         Cmaj7
  I looked inside and found a yellow ribbon

Em              Cmaj7
  So I took that box
Em            Cmaj7
  For a long long walk
Em          Cmaj7   Em                   Cmaj7  Em
  We had a talk, and went to look for a friend

Em   C            D
  I had to eat you

Well we went shopping
The whole while talking
We fell upon a little egg
And the egg started talking

Could this be true?
Have I really found you?
To stop this box from talking, well I must eat you

Em   C           D
  I had to eat you
I had to eat you
I had to eat you
     D               Em  Cmaj7
Have I really found you

The egg was terrified
But not to my surprise
I had to stop his, this box from talking

So I said goodbye
And I?ll see you both next time
And I?ll be along my way, but the ribbon will always stay

 Em   C           D
  I had to eat you
I had to eat you
I had to eat you
     D               Em
Have I really found you
Have I really found you?
D               Em
 Have I really found you?
             C         D
Have I, Have I really found you?


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