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Видео «Two Suns in the Sunset (Pink Floyd)»

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D A G  G A D  D A G  G A D

D                           G                 G A D
In my rear view mirror, the sun is going down
D                             G    G A 
Sinking behind bridges in the road,
  G                A                D       A      G
I think of all the good things that we have left undone
      Em                  Bm
And I suffer premonitions, confirmed suspicions,
Em                   A       D A G  G A D   D A G  G A D
Of the hollocaust to come

D                                        G                    G A D
The rusty wire that holds the cork, that keeps the anger in,
D                             G          G A
Gives way, then suddenly it’s day again,
    G             A          D          A      G
The sun is in the east, even though the day is done,
Em                      Bm
Two suns in the sunset, Hmmmmmmmmm_____
Em                         A     D A G  G A D  D A G  G A D
could be the human race is run

A Bm

 Bm                                    A  Bm
Like the moment when the brakes lock
Bm                                    A 
And you slide towards the big truck     (Oh No)
A    G                 A                D
You stretch the frozen moment with your fear  (Aaaaaaaaaaahh!!)
Bm                                 A  Bm
And you’ll never hear their voices  (Daddy Daddy!)
Bm                                 A
And you’ll never see their faces 
G           A                D             D A G  G A D  D A G  G A D
You have no recourse to the law, anymore

D                                  G                 G A D
And as my windshield melts, and my tears evaporate,
D                          G      G A
Leaving only charcoal to defend,
G          A              D        A      G
Suddenly I understand the feelings of the few,
Em                 Bm
Ashes and diamonds, foe and friend,
Em                       A       D A G  G A D  D A G  G A D
We were all equal in the end

D A G  G A D  D A G  G A D  ...


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